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Join us on Memorial Day for the GET MURPHED  fundraiser at Hatem Graphics.

Monday, May 30th at 10:30am. 4 Wilder Drive, Unit 16, Plaistow, NH 03865

If you have followed along our journey for any amount of time, you know that both Hatem boys are passionate about exercise and nutrition.  It’s a way of life and we love sharing that passion with others, regardless of where they are on their fitness journey.

We also love America and the brave people who protect this country and its values.

This Memorial Day, we will be hosting a fundraiser, doing a military-style workout and simply having some fun.

The workout will be a Murph-style routine and we will be getting our sweat on as a team! 

The “Traditional” Murph workout consists of the following:

-        One Mile Run

-        100 Pull-Ups

-        200 Push-Ups

-        300 Squats

-        One Mile Run

-        Add in a 20lb weight vest if you’re really up for a challenge

Sounds intense… I know. People across the entire country perform this workout and the best part is that it is completely scalable based on your ability.

The goal here is to work our asses off in memory of the brave who do it every day for our country.

Can’t do pull-ups? That is totally fine. Burpees, lunges or some other exercise can be substituted as an alternative.

Don’t think you have the stamina to complete this? Also totally fine. We will have 1-hour session(s) and we will all be suffering through it together until the top of the hour.

Want to just come hang out and not work out? The more the merrier!

Who are we raising funds for?






We have partnered up with a local non-profit organization, Hero Pups, which this event will raise money for. They are an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) organization that provides support dogs to eligible veterans and first responders.

100% of donated funds are used to acquire, train, and pair dogs with eligible recipients dealing with service-related traumatic challenges to increase their independence and peace of mind.

Eligible recipients (‘Heroes’) include veterans and first responders diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, military sexual trauma, depression, and other service-related mental health challenges. Recipients report numerous benefits from their dogs, including decreased medication usage, improved sleep cycles, social skills and more.

Many of their dogs are rescued from a network of shelters and rescue agencies, along with some occasional puppies donated by reputable breeders. The organization is headquartered on 50 acres of private, rent-free land in Exeter, New Hampshire. 

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